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Published on February 9, 2007 By foreverserenity In Football
I was clueless to the fact that there are myths (and possibly legends) where the Super Bowl is concerned. I guess the sport being such a popular and loved past time there would somehow be stories making the rounds!

Bill Briggs an MSNBC contributor wrote an article entitled �Super Bull!� on <[/.

He wrote: " fishy blitz of football fibs and big-bucks blarney that gets recited and rehashed like corny campfire fables.
You've heard them. You've believed them. Heck, you've probably even repeated them. �

Some of the myths that Mr. Briggs analyses are: Super Bowl hosts make lots of money, in the two fifty to three hundred thousands range! The sewage question, i.e., when it�s half time and everyone in the country goes to the bathroom at the same time, what�s supposed to happen! The Monday after the Super Bowl almost everyone gets "Super Bowl-it is"! Whether Americans really drink 10.5 Million gallons of beer or not! And that famous "I'm going to Disney World" whether that's true or not!

I wasn't even aware of the "Super Bowl-it is" one! It's an interesting read!
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on Feb 09, 2007
Fixed the link situation but now I'm seeing all kind of weird letterings in the article! What gives?!
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