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Chris Brown and Rihanna
Published on February 8, 2009 By foreverserenity In Music

They were both supposed to be at the Grammy Awards tonight.  They were both supposed to perform, separately.  E! Television was doing their Red Carpet walk through and one of the reporters said that Chris Brown was arrested for allegedly Battery on the woman he was with last night.  The police was called, he was charged.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are in a relationship. They were at Clive Davis' party last night, they left together.  The woman in the car with Chris, called 911 she was beaten up.

This is all supposedly quiet right now, so nothing is out on it yet, except what was said on E! 

If this is true, that's a horrible thing!

on Feb 08, 2009

on Feb 08, 2009


on Feb 08, 2009

So apparently, Chris Brown was MIA when the police arrived, but is being sought by the PD.  Rihanna is doing well, says her publicist...not the accused....the saga continues Daiwa....we'll know more tomorrow I'm sure!

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