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Are they worth it?
Published on November 15, 2007 By foreverserenity In Baseball
David Beckham is guaranteed making $275 Million in the deals he made to come to the United States to play professionally. I enjoy seeing him play, the few times I've seen him on TV. He's a pretty good baller!

I don't follow Baseball as much, especially since leaving NY, the little interests I had is no longer there. Here in Florida, there's not too fuss made about Baseball (not that I'm aware of anyhow) now Football, especially college football, and any college sports, yes, they make a major fuss over those here.
But to get back to why I'm writing this. I heard on the news report that Alex Rodriquez may have gotten a deal that will keep him with the New York Yankees for the next ten years, a $275 Million dollar deal! That deal, the reporter said, takes a big chunk out of the Yankees pocket!

I wondered to myself that they must be very wealthy, or at least George Steinbrenner is to make that deal, and of course they are, you're talking the Yankees here! And then I wondered, why would the reporter said it took a very big chunk out of the Yankees purse? Is that important? Does that mean that the other players will be short-changed?

Are athletes really worth such a big pay day? Think about it for a minute and let your brain wrap it around your skull for a few seconds, that's TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! WOW!!!

Many athletes work hard to be where they are in their chosen profession, at least the ones who have been honest to themselves and their fans. But to pay them such an exorbitant amount, is that necessary? I guess that's a question only people like George Steinbrenner can answer. It boggles the mind!


on Nov 16, 2007

It is relative.  When a rookie can make $5 million with out even swinging a bat, then the ones that have proven themselves (and A-Rod surely has) have to be compensated accordingly.

I do not follow soccer that much (you can tell by my trivia scores as those are the ones I always miss), but from the little I do follow it, Beckham is worth it for the same reason.  He has proven himself.

on Nov 16, 2007
He has proven himself.

Yes, they prove themselves and they work hard at being the best and do deserve compensation tantimount to their expertise! But $275 Million? Wow!
on Nov 19, 2007
I don't agree they're worth the amounts of money they're paid. I mean, sure, these people are first-class athletes. But that is all they are. In paying them stupid amounts of money, we're also inflating their status to regions well beyond their sporting prowess.
on Nov 19, 2007
I can't disagree with the amount they're paid, even though it's obscene. I mean, they signed a contract. The people hiring them are willing to pay that much. The minimum salary requirement is a bit of a joke, though. But really, there aren't enough people who can play ball at that level. The reason they sign 'em for so much is that if they don't sign 'em, the other guys will, so they have to, or face a losing season and losing fan base.
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