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Published on December 7, 2004 By foreverserenity In Blogging
I thought I was over with office politics. Yesterday I read Raven's blog about what's going on in her office, and I thought to myself, thank God I don't have to deal with that anymore. Boy, what was I thinking? I totally forgot, that's one thing that never goes away no matter where you work, right? It doesn't matter what kind of office politics, something is always going on. Well, it's Christmas time (or the days leading up to the big day) as we all know.

I work with some really great people. During the holiday season though, or at least whenever there is food around, free food that is, some people's behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. We usually get about 10 - 12 baskets of goodies from companies we do business with throughout the year. This is something nice to look forward to and it helps the 3pm "munchies" so it's nice to have these baskets around.

Well, some people are very, um, what's a nice word...piggish, sharkish, hogs, greedy - there is no nice word! It's like animals looking for food after not having any in days. Even when the front office staff try to be quite about it until the boss sees the darn thing before they're ripped to pieces, here comes the sharks, moving in for the kill. Then some people are fighting over who will keep the baskets (these goodies come in some really neat ones) and who's keeping the nice tins the cookies came in?! I get a lot of questions and all I want to do is just tell them all to quit acting like kids, it's only food for God's sake.

Then guess what? There's the group that will take things without sharing, the one who will eat everything in sight in front of you while grabbing a plateful to take with them; there's the one who's saving something for the person who's out that particular day. Some of us look at each other and shake our heads. Due to the fact that some people will hog everything, there is also a raffle for the baskets. Just so that one person doesn't take them all. I'm staying as far away from that one as possible. Ah well, maybe it's just the time of year that makes them act crazy.

on Dec 07, 2004
Could be the time of year making them crazy, but probably not. You could try some sort of schedule for who gets the basket. Everyone that wants one adds their name to a list and they get the basket when it's their turn, then their name is moved to the bottom of the list. Or more likely this would just be another thing to bicker about, silly people.
on Dec 08, 2004
That happens at my workplace sometimes too.

>> um, what's a nice word...piggish, sharkish, hogs, greedy - there is no nice word!

We call them scavengers. They aren't usually the ones who bought the food, but they are the first on the scene when there's free food to be had.
on Dec 08, 2004
I know, they are always the first ones to be all over whatever is there. Now they have a rep, a bad one. There is a raffle, all names are put in a basket, and the one selected gets the first basket, and so on.
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