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I feel rather silly because I didn't realise til now and I had the darn thing soaking, which was probably the wrong thing to do! So how do I save this?

I've been on line and not getting much detailed help on how to cook, how long to cook, or is it just re-heat?

I've patted it dry, seasoned with garlic, black pepper, seasoned salt and stuff with onions because that's how I like it and placed it in the oven at 325 degrees. Is this ok, if not already did it, so too late!

Now for the recovery, how long to cook? What else can I do to it? See what last minute planning and haste makes?!!!

Is anyone online right now to save me?


on Nov 23, 2006
Oh! Donna! If it's smoked, it's probably already cooked!

Turn it down quick! Turn your oven to like 200, 225 or so and let it rewarm slowly. That way it will be able to soak in some of those luscious flavors you've got gracing the top of the tom.

Then, when it's warmed enough for you and your kin (holiday references, what fun) it's done!

Hope it turns out okay! Good luck!
on Nov 23, 2006
From what I understand, a smoked turkey is already cooked. You will want to heat it enough to ensure that it's safe to eat, but without drying it out. I'd say a lower heat until heated all the way through would be best.
on Nov 23, 2006
Smoked Turkey is delicious. enjoy.
on Nov 23, 2006
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Thx great help!

Reply By: adnauseamPosted: Thursday, November 23, 2006Smoked Turkey is delicious. enjoy.

I will!
on Nov 24, 2006

Man oh man, the only thing that even TEMPTED me to make a turkey for just the two of us this year was the prospect of the leftover bean soup I could make with a SMOKED turkey. Send me the carcass, woman! heheh.

LOL! I'm telling you, my family is eating it like crazy! They really, really like it! It's the first time I've bought a whole smoked turkey!

leftover bean soup I could make with a SMOKED turkey

I love the suggestion of this. Recipe please?!

Since that's not very practical, lemme share my recipe with ya. I have no measurements, just general instructions, but trust me, you can't mess this up...and it's absolutely delicious.

Aha! You did it! Great I will definately do this sometime this week! We love bean soups. It's a regular Island thing to make!

The bean soup mix I mentioned is sold where the dry beans are,

I've used this before and know how great they are, thx so much!

Thx again to my rescurers above! I immediately turned the oven down and saved the day! The turkey came out moist and deeeeelicious!

on Nov 25, 2006
Do let me know how it turns out, FS...i love, love, LOVE this soup!

I will!
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