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There's a new type of treatment for people with skin problems. It’s called PDT, photo dynamic therapy, aka Laser light treatment, will be used to help people with skin problems caused from Eczema, acne even cancer.

The American Academy of Dermatology said PDT can help to improve scarring and skin texture caused by acne because it will shrink the oil glands and for those with skin cancer, there is a lightweight bandage that has its own light source and will be less expensive to use and portable.

I didn't realise this. I have to look into it to see what they can do about Eczema because my son troubles from it from time to time. I'm glad his is not as severe as some cases I've heard about.

I’ve found a link with more detailed information about the therapy treatment for cancer.

[This news info read in “The Futurist” magazine May/June 2007issue. Sources cited: American Academy of Dermatology,; University of St. Andrews, Press Office,; Purdue University News Service]

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