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Published on April 17, 2007 By foreverserenity In Non-Fiction

You have probably heard about this big “The Secret”, a book that was written by Rhonda Byrne and the rules (I’m not sure if they are call rules) that are being used and adapted by her and a group of people who are teaching others to use them?

"The Secret" is about how to use positive thinking to reinforce what you want in life. To use positive thinking to get what you want out of your life. This way of thinking I have known about for a while now, and I’m sure you have too.

After all, if you go around being positive and happy and thinking good thoughts, don’t good things normally happen to you? I know it does to me! The difference is that we are inherently human and will not be this way for long. I know I am this way too. Somehow, someway, the dark thoughts invade, the bad stuff begins to happen and you take things personally and everything else just falls by the way side! Thus, all that positiveness, all those good feelings, go away and you’re left feeling like a pile of poo!

I do see what they are trying to do by way of the book though. They have caught on to a way of being, a lifestyle if you will, that is good for many people to follow. The one point they are trying to do and which I like is they are teaching people to hold on to this way of being. The positiveness, the thinking good, positive thoughts, setting and working towards goals, those are good attitudes to have!

Although to me, if you were to take them literally, you would think that you could sit down and wish for something wonderful and great to happen to you, like say, winning the lottery, or getting that promotion, or having a publishing deal, will just fall right in your lap!

But oh no, it doesn’t work that way! You have to go after that which you want! You can’t not play the lottery and expect to win! You can’t not work hard at work and expect the boss to notice you! You can’t not write and expect to get a publishing deal, even if you do write; you can’t expect not to put yourself out there so others know your work! You have to work for everything you want!

The big “Secret” that those who are involved with the book are talking about is “the law of attraction”. They say that like attracts like, having good thoughts and sending them out into the Universe will attract good things to you. So if you keep thinking negatively, and being a pessimist, well, what do you think will happen? So, in essence, you get what you put out there!

To me, what I take from all this, is to continue to have a positive attitude but to also continue to be focused! Keeping my eye on the prize so to speak, so that I can take the steps I need to meet the goals I have made for myself. These are not hard lessons to learn and they are lessons that have been around our Universe forever. It just depends on you and in how you use it!

I highly recommend this book because of it's motivational factor. Forget about the "sensation" that it has caused, and read it because it will help you to feel positive about your life if you're not prone to think this way!

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