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Published on September 15, 2007 By foreverserenity In Poetry

My existence seems cloudy, forever confused the clutter
that exists in each little corner of my being
unable to lay my head to rest until I clear the cobwebs
that lays around like a fog
foggy-ing up my senses

Unable to see the path that has become
unclear, the way no longer there
for me to tread
oh where do I go from here, which path do I take?
the path seemed to be bogged down

Littered, by past unable to let go
dragged through the corpses of minds
that runs rampant with litter-fogged muck
unclear of what is true or not
listening to the noise around me
my mind fogged up by their reticent

it is time to let go of the quagmire of other people's bad eyes
their smiles are disses
their consents are hisses
the pretense makes me choke
the bile overflows
at last no more!

My cup runneth over with water
clean and clear that washes away
the fog from my brain
is alert and ready
to pounce
i announce
i litter
no more!

Deep breaths....

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