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Days of sleepless nights and swallowing every food in sight

Feelings of discomfort and angst, of trepidation

of wanting to comfort and heal

Days of trials, and doubts and wanting to shout

at the madness that swirls, and pulls you in

Days of laughter and joy and peace and contentment

of friends and loved ones and things you love to do

Days of pleasure, moments to treasure

wishing to have many more, so much more days like this

Days when you're tongue-tied

with hope and love and wonder

Days when you will realise that in the end

your joy is what you make

what you take from your day

not a destination of expectations

rather a journey of will, and wit and joyful abundance

of love and life and the little things that makes you smile

Days when you shake your head in derision

or in agreement to the madness of what the world dishes

of hits or misses and even disses

Yes, there are days like this,

so many days like these

But you choose to end your day in chocolate delights

that coats your spirits inside

especially for days like this my momma said!

on Oct 20, 2007
Chocolate heals all wounds.

Amen to that Whip!