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Technology under attack!
Published on December 4, 2007 By foreverserenity In Internet
When you hear the word "war" your thoughts immediately goes to what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, am I right? Perhaps you might go as far back in your memory to what you might know about previous wars that has occurred in our nation? There seems to be a new one, a new type of war brewing these days, via Internet Security!

McAfee Inc., a security software firm, said the Chinese government was the biggest offender of trying to find ways around the United States and other countries Internet security, charges that the Chinese government denies.

McAfee, Inc. stated in a recently published report on Internet Security that what China is doing via its hackers encourages a “looming cyber showdown”!

If these government hackers continue there would be a big worldwide showdown between many countries attacking each other’s online networks using very sophisticated software. Many countries are developing cyber attack strategies to counteract these crimes.

According to McAfee’s report, those Chinese hackers are responsible for five major cyber attackers on governments they targeted this year, “the biggest intrusions appear to have targeted a Pentagon computer network and government agencies in Germany, India and Australia and New Zealand”.

As much as China is denying being the bad guy, they seem to have forgotten a statement they made about “pursuing activities in cyber espionage” because technology will be the war of the future!

If you think about it, almost all of the countries in the World, the US of A included, have set up our financial markets, utilities and air traffic control systems, all are accessible on line!

Malicious software is also a continued threat to people who uses the Internet because personal information get stolen by these same hackers who lure us away from legal websites into their world with spam or malicious codes they create for this purpose.

I guess it’s a matter of us Users being more alert than ever and watching where you point your mouse so as to avoid being ‘taken’ by one of those scammers!

Security on the Internet is definitely something for every country and every individual to be concerned about! It is definitely a way for any malicious government or organization to harm another country!

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on Dec 05, 2007
This is one of the major reasons that the DOD and Higher ED are looking for Internet II.   A new network that will not be open to anyone as the sad fact is, no matter how tight your security, you are vulnerable to cyber terrorism.  At the very least, everyone is vulnerable to a DDOS.
on Dec 05, 2007
DOD and Higher ED are looking for Internet II

I have read this somewhere! I think I even saved an article that I didn't post yet.