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Body in Progress
Published on February 27, 2008 By foreverserenity In Diet

There was a meeting tonight in a location that was very close to me, on my way from work and I found myself there!

It was really interesting!  First of all, I signed up, got a mini-intro and then I weighed in.  I am no longer five pounds heavier! Imagine my shock!  You see, the blog I recently posted about being five pounds heavier was one that I wanted to write a couple of days (possibly a week ago) but I had problems with logging on to JU 2 and even posting, hence I ran a week behind!  So tonight when I weighed in and saw that I was practically back at my ten pounds initial loss, I was ecstatic!


After the regular meeting, the newbies had their introductory meeting and learned about Weight Watchers.


There were quite a few people at the meeting, more than I expected.  I wasn't the only one joining for the first time, there were about seven of us, plus about twelve regulars who were all already on the road to their successful weight loss!  I was happy for them, and so was everyone else!


This is the first time that I've committed myself to someone else, in a manner of speaking, when it comes to losing weight.  It is still for me, and I will continue to exercise, but now I've got to really stick to it, and being a part of Weight Watchers will definitely help to keep me on my toes!  I am just so much more serious about really doing something about my weight and hope to have even more success with this program!


I've not decided yet, whether I'm going to use the Point System or the Core System.  Both are doable for me, and what I've been doing so far on my own, is more like the Core System set up, so I could still continue on that path.  However, I think I will start out using the Point System for a week to see how it goes, and then use their Core System for the second week and see which one works better for me.


At the moment they are waiving registration fees, so it's only the meeting fees and I'm starting out with the monthly one.  I've heard the 'older' members say how great a tool the Website is and I will definitely utilize it!   I'm so excited and even more determined than ever to see this through!

on Feb 28, 2008

Congratulations!  I think they have a great program.  The meetings and accountability really help to keep you on track.  When you see other people accomplishing their goals, you know that you can do it too.  I think just tracking what you eat with the point system helps you to be aware of everything you put in your mouth.  I am an emotional eater and it is so easy for me  to nibble a little here and there and not realize how much that can add up. 

on Feb 28, 2008

Thx Loca!  Yes, seeing and hearing the accomplishment of others is intoxiczting!  That's right, accountability works especially being forced to stay on track!  I'm an emotional eater too and I've been doing much better than earlier years in how I behave towards food!

on Feb 28, 2008

Oh, can someone fix the "Personal Computing" link that's somehow stuck to this blog. I published it from Windows Live Writer and it usually goes straight into that category. Although I changed it, it says it on the main page for some reason.  Oh, and thanks for the feature!

on Feb 28, 2008

Hey Donna,

I am rooting for you. You have so much energy and optimism I know you can do anything you put your mind to.

Good luck

on Feb 29, 2008

I am rooting for you. You have so much energy and optimism I know you can do anything you put your mind to. Good luck


Thx Kelly!