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Pretty Please
Published on September 9, 2008 By foreverserenity In Misc

I have signed up to do a 5 K walk - that's 3 miles, or so I'm told, for the American Heart Association of Greater Orlando. This walk takes place on September 20 at Lochhaven Park.

I'm looking forward to it, with some trepidition too since I've not been consistent with my work out but I am determined to do and I will!

So, I'm trying to raise $100, which is my own personal goal since the regular goal of $300 is kind of high for some people to donate these days!


If you would like to donate to my walk, the minimum on the website says $25 but I'm open to accepting any amount! Beggars cannot be choosers! I've really only begun to receive donations because I decided to buy chocolates and sell them for a dollar!


I'm linking thewebpage so you can take a look.


If you are interested in donating, contact me and I'll send you an email link.


on Sep 09, 2008

Wait, how can I get ahold of these chocolates?

on Sep 10, 2008

Wait, how can I get ahold of these chocolates?

I'm willing to freeze it, bag it and send it whereever you are!LOL!  I only have Milky Ways left though....this was a fantastic plan that went well!  so far I've earned 24 bucks and I plan to match my sales by putting in the difference, after hitting up my family and other friends that is!

on Sep 10, 2008

Oh, Milky Ways?  Never mind!

There's a reason they're the ones left, you know.

on Sep 11, 2008

There's a reason they're the ones left, you know.

Soooo Milk y!

on Sep 18, 2008


two days to my big walk!  I've collected $40 bucks so far! More than I had when I first wrote this article.  Not half way to my $100 goal yet. I did manage to get two  people to sign up to join us though!   I've been working out more and between last week and this week have lost 1.8lbs.


on Jan 30, 2009

sounds good